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Director, Screenwriter... Nerd


Award-winning filmmaker born in Mexico, raised in Cali.


Iz Gutierrez

Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Iz Gutierrez’s origin story begins in Mexico before he immigrated to California where he grew up as a nerdy comic book kid. Recently he won Best Film Screenplay (Mexican American Film Festival 2022) and Best Short Drama (Official Latino Film Festival 2022) for his multi award-winning social political historical drama They Call Us Sediciosos. Israel wrote and directed the short as a proof-of-concept for a feature film and TV series.


Mentored by Oscar-winning screenwriter David S. Ward and former DGA president and director Martha Coolidge, he is the recipient of the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant for the short Sin Frontera, an immigration love story, which screened at the SAG Foundation, won numerous drama awards including official selections in Academy accredited festivals.


Iz commits to provocative storytelling by crafting unique points of view regarding the human condition, including complex characters he believes should not be bound by stereotypes or exploitative narratives which, for example, hurt Latinos by perpetuating overused clichés. Iz's devotion to proper representation also transcends to all of his projects about diverse stories and characters of all backgrounds no matter the genre or topic.


Iz Gutierrez is developing feature films and episodic projects. He resides in Los Angeles, California.

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