Writer | Director | Producer

A short film, feature film, and TV series:

In 1915, Jovita Idár, a reporter, writer, and activist for women and Mexican-American civil rights, interviews a mother whose son has gone missing while at the hands of racist Rangers and vigilantes who have been targeting the Texas-Mexican community in the Lower Rio Grande Valley during a time known as “La Matanza” (The Massacre). 

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Sin Frontera (Without Boundary)

Writer | Director | Co-Producer

Multi award-winning short film proof-of-concept for a feature or television series.

Monica struggles to battle both a broken U.S. immigration system and a decaying relationship after a deportation tears her estranged fiancé away. While Monica fights for justice in the U.S., they both remember how they fell in love and make a vow to rekindle their romance in order to reunite through an unconventional method. 


Love will transcend any boundary.


Comic Conventions

Writer | Director | Producer

Comedy Web Series

Manny created a comic book about his personal life, he also made a video blog. Manny is also Latinx, therefore, he made the main character in the comic white, so he can sell the idea to Hollywood!


In issue #1, Manny battles his arch-nemesis forgetfulness when his girlfriend’s anniversary plans conflict with the big Comic Convention. Drama and comedy ensue!

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The Chameleon (El Camaleón)

Co-Writer | Director

Platinum Remi Award Winning short film.

Scarred by his tragic past, Jaime (JeanPaul San Pedro) must decide whether to continue his newfound lifestyle or abandon his pregnant wife (APRIL SEBA), reverting to his violent ways when someone from the recesses of his childhood returns.


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Writer | Director | Producer

In this Best Short Drama winning short film:


Exhausted of Herman’s (Tom Druilhet) alcoholism, Grace (Maria Di Angelis) finally takes a stand that takes her on a dangerous path through the night. Her escape, however, is not the one she expected.